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Cayo Caves & Temples Extension Arrival and Departure Notes

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On Arrival in Belize 

The Belize International Airport (Phillip Goldson International Airport—airport code BZE) is small and easy to navigate. You will disembark your plane directly onto the airport tarmac and will be directed to the terminal building and Immigration.  After your passport is stamped, you collect your bags and move through the customs area.  The whole process can take up to an hour, but is usually much quicker than that.  After completing your check-in, porters are standing in clear view and are ready to assist you with your bags if you wish, but it is a very short distance to where we meet you.  Please be aware the porters are not employed by the Airport Authority, they can be pushy and they charge $1US for each bag - you are not obligated to use their services.


An Island Expeditions’ representative will be at the International Airport to meet you on Day 1 of your tour.  Meeting arrangements are based on your international flight arrival time as confirmed with our Canadian head office.  After passing through Customs, immediately exit the Airport building to your right and your IE representative will meet you just outside of the doors.  Please be patient as road conditions and late arrivals of international flights may cause delays.  We are aware of all our guests’ flight arrivals however, if our driver has not yet arrived to meet you within fifteen minutes of arrival, please contact our Dangriga office at 522-3328 or 522-0078 to let us know your status and for any rendezvous updates. Please dial the operator at 115 and request station-to-station collect when calling our Dangriga office.

Departure from Belize 

For those of you who will be ending your Belize vacation with the Cayo, Caves & Temples Extension, the driver will drop you off at the International Airport (in Belize City) at a time coordinated with your flight departure time. 

If you are doing this extension on the front end of your trip, and are travelling with Island Expeditions on another trip, the driver will transfer you to our Dangriga office, or coordinate with the next leg of your adventure.  

For those who will be travelling independently from Belize City, you will be dropped off at the Belize Biltmore Plaza, 2 1/2 miles north of Belize City.  They will gladly offer the use of their courtyard, pool, change rooms, and restaurant area, if you need to wait for a pickup.  Simply let them know you are travelling with Island Expeditions.