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Update on the Jaguar Cub at Bocawina from Panthera Belize

We are delighted to share some happy news from Panthera Belize, an NGO dedicated to the conservation of the wild cats of Belize.  Last winter, Panthera Belize set up trail cameras around the Mayflower Bocawina National Park to monitor the wildlife and they were able to capture some amazing wildlife footage, including the jaguars.

Panthera Belize recently shared a new video taken in May of the jaguar cub who was captured on the trail cams in January 2018. In the video, you can see the cub, likely running behind the mum, as she triggered the camera in order to capture the cub behind. 

Panathea Belize was thrilled to see that the cub is growing and looks fat and healthy. This means the habitat is rich and is overall an exciting takeaway from the time invested in the research. They are still unsure whether the cub is a male or a female but hopefully with more trail cam captures, they can figure it out.  

Jaguar cub
Still shot from the Bocawina trail cam on January 6, 2018

Jaguar Mom and Cub
Mom and Healthy jaguar cub! Still shot from the Bocawina trail cam from May

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