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SUP Paddle Techniques for your Belize Adventure


Are you new to Stand Up Paddleboarding or just looking for some to tips to refine your skills? We wanted to share these great videos that will help you prepare for Stand Up Paddleboarding - whether you are gearing up for a SUP adventure in Belize or paddling in your local area.


How to Paddle Straight

Here are four useful techniques to keep your board running straight.  Check out the video below for the full demonstration.

1. Vertical strokes help keep your board straight.

2. Switching sides with your paddle works, but it interrupts your paddling rhythm.

3. Cross-forward strokes are a little awkward, but they maintain your paddling rhythm.

4. Nose draws are the most effective strokes for keeping your board going straight.

The Ideal Forward Stroke

Learning the proper forward paddling technique, allows you to move your board more effectively. The main points from the video are:

1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, and shoulders back.

2. Keeping arms slightly bent, rotate hips and shoulders and plant vertical stroke at nose.

3. Push down and into water, back to your foot.

4. Recover paddle by curling lower wrist and slicing the paddle forward to the next stroke.

Moving Around Your Board

One of the advantages to SUP over other paddle sports is the ability to move freely around your board.   To get the most out of your SUP, follow these useful tips so you can competently move around your board.

1. A staggered stance involves turning feet slightly to one side to take more effective strokes.

2. The hybrid stance provides balance both edge-to-edge and end-to-end.

3. The surf stance will feel unstable unless you are actively surfing a wave.

4. Keep your head centered over board and paddle in the water to stay balanced while moving around.

What To Do When You Fall Off

This is a frequently asked question by those new to the sport of SUP.  With correct techniques and paddling in the right conditions, the chances of falling of a board are unlikely.  However, if you do find yourself coming off the board, here are the correct techniques and tips to get back on your board.  Watch the video below for the complete demonstration. 

1. Fall feet first, away from your board and avoid landing on your paddle.

2. Retrieve your board first and then hand paddle to collect your paddle.

3. Once you are standing again, get your paddle in the water to re-establish balance.

If you are interested in exploring Belize’s warm, tropical waters  by SUP, our Coral Islands SUP is a guided lodge-to-lodge SUP journey in the pristine Southwater Caye Marine Reserve - the perfect trip to refine your skills and discover Belize’s fascinating marine world.  For those of you newer to the sport, we offer guided Stand Up Paddleboarding and instruction at our Lighthouse Reef and Glover’s Reef Adventure Basecamps and island lodges at Tobacco Caye and Southwater Caye.