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More Updated Belize Flight Information & A Couple of Search Secrets...

Continental Flights to Belize

American Flights to Belize

We have also seen significant price drops from many major US points of departure, as well.  Although, the price drops are not quite as dramatic as what we've found out of Canada, there are some significant savings to be had.

American Airlines - www.aa.com and Delta Airlines www.delta.com seems to be leading the way with lower fares this week.  Flights out of most points, which were approximately $800+ last week, have dropped into the $600+ range... which are great deals!  We've seen fares as low as $500 from Newark, and other points on the Eastern board, but it changes daily.

Contact us at 1-800-667-1630 or info@islandexpeditions.com for help finding the best possible fare, or check one of these great resources...

The Best Place to Search for Flights into Belize

One of our guests recently forwarded a useful link on trip advisor, which lists the lowest prices on each day of the week, from your point of departure.  It gives you an idea of the best fare available flying on a specific date.  Very Interesting!

Flight Search to Belize on Trip Advisor Fare Calendar

One of our "office secrets" - we don't actually hold it a secret, to anyone who asks - is an incredible flight search tool, which we've used for years here in our office.  In fact, it is so effective that Google recently bought this company.  "ITA Software" powers the back end of just about every online Travel Agency or booking engine that most people use.  A very useful tool for searching and researching flights (but you can't actually book the flights using this tool).  We suggest going directly to the airline's website, and match the itinerary you find (email it to yourself, is a good way to go about that) to book the best possible fares.

ITA Software - Fare Matrix - http://matrix.itasoftware.com

Although, we don't book fares for our guests, we want to make sure that you get the best possible fares.  Check back with us, for assistance in finding fares for your dates of interest.

The Best Places to Book your flights

Gone are the days where you can find the best flight deal in one particular place. Usually the best deals are found online with the individual airlines websites. The airlines that service Belize all route through a US gateway city. For example, Continental Airlines routes through Houston, two to three times each day. American Airlines routes through Miami or Dallas three times a day. US Airways uses Charlotte NC and Delta uses Atlanta and they both fly at least 4 to times a week.

Continental / United Airlines - 2 flights a day - www.continental.com

American Airlines - 2 / 3 flights a day - www.aa.com

Delta Airlines - approx 1 flight a day - www.delta.com

US Airways - approx 1 flight a day - www.usairways.com

TACA Airlines - 1 flight a day - www.taca.com