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Introducing Belize's first lodge to lodge Stand Up Paddleboard journey - The Coral Islands SUP


Stand Up Paddleboarding has been taking North America by storm.  It is one of the fastest growing water sports, and you can't seem to go by a lake or a beach these days without seeing people of all ages out playing on their paddleboards.  

Stand Up Paddleboard expert and enthusiast Norm Hann joined our staff training in Belize last season.  He taught SUP skills to our guides …and the idea was born to offer some SUP trips to our guests.  

Traveling by Stand Up Paddleboard in tropical waters would be an unforgettable holiday experience!  The sheltered lagoons and clear, turquoise waters of the Southern Barrier Reef are ideal trying out this hot new sport.  Belize is a paddler’s paradise.   As you glide over the coral reefs, you will see sting rays, grouper and a fascinating marine underworld from a unique perspective.  The protected waters of the Belize Barrier Reef are calm and perfect for beginner paddlers.  And for more seasoned paddlers, there are plenty of ways to challenge yourself by getting outside the reef.

This season, we are extremely excited about a special Stand Up Paddleboard adventure that we will be offering to our guests-  the Coral Islands SUP. It is the first SUP focused trip being offered in Belize, and we're thrilled to have Norm Hann joining us as our Guest Instructor and Trip Coordinator for its inaugural season.  

The Coral Islands SUP journeys by Stand Up Paddleboard between local island lodges in the Southwater Caye Marine Reserve along Belize’s Southern Barrier Reef. This six night adventure begins with a rendezvous in Belize City, and we're offering three special departures - November 22, 2014 and February 7 or 14, 2015.