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Explore Magazine - David Webb. 'Belize: A Travel Photo Essay'


David Webb recently went on our Paradise Islands lodge-to-lodge sea kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard trip on assignment for Explore Magazine.  Be sure to check out his amazing Belize photo essay!  

Belize: A Travel Photo Essay

by DAVID WEBB on JANUARY 2, 2014

Belize is fast becoming one of adventure travel’s premier destinations — and after a week spent there, I can see why. Some of the world’s finest sea kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding combines with a snorkel mecca in a sunny, sandy, culturally rich paradise on the sea.

In This Belize Photo Essay You Will Discover:

Unique Kayaking Experiences

Underwater Scenes

Paradise Beach Huts

And More!

In December, I spent a week kayaking along Belize’s southern barrier reef with Island Expeditions. We explored the Southwater Cayes Marine Reserve, a near 50,000-hectare preserve replete with coral, fish, invertebrates, sandy beaches, mangroves and conch shells. And stingrays. Lots of stingrays.

I was squirted with ink by a surly squid, got up-close with an octopus, snorkelled in a mangrove stand, sailed a kayak, paddled to a Smithsonian Marine Institute, paddleboarded offshore a desert island and ate lots of Marie Sharp’s hot sauce. Wanna see for yourself? Check out my Belize Travel Photo essay; a week in the Paradise Islands: