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Discover Belize in Spring: Your Tropical Escape!

Jungle & Beach Placencia and Hopkins

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Discover Belize in Spring: Your Tropical Escape!

As spring blossoms in the northern hemisphere, Belize beckons with its lush landscapes and pristine beaches, making May and June the perfect months for your next vacation. Here's why you should consider a getaway to some of Belize's most enchanting locations: Belize’s tropical rainforest jungle, Placencia sandy peninsula, and Hopkins' cool beach vibes.

1. Embrace the Broadleaf Tropical Rainforest 

May and June are particularly special at the Mayflower Bocawina National Park.  The park is alive with vibrant flora and fauna, and the waterfalls are in full majestic flow, fed by the spring rains.  The area is less crowded during these months, offering a more intimate experience to hike the myriad of rainforest trails.  Visitors can enjoy activities such as ziplining through the canopy or a guided night hike to observe nocturnal wildlife come to life. For those looking for a thrill, how about rappelling down one of two waterfalls?  The spring is also an excellent time for bird watchers looking to spot some of the park’s 300 species of birds. 


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About Bocawina  Rainforest Resort

Nestled in the Southern Maya Mountains, Bocawina Rainforest Resort is the only lodge in Belize located within a National Park.  A private property in the middle of a 7000-acre Mayflower Bocawina National Park, the lodge provides guests with a blend of comfortable boutique accommodations, authentic Belizean-style dining, and an endless array of adventure opportunities—all in the stunning heart of the Maya Mountains in Stann Creek District, right next to the vast Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Reserve.


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Our favorite things:

  • Swimming in natural waterfalls (seven of them!)
  • Morning birdwatching (starts early but you will see so many tropical birds)
  • Hike to the top of Antelope Falls 
  • The lush rainforest with  incredibly big trees and green vegetation
  • Waterfall rappeling is an intense thrill!
  • Happy hour - the bartenders are great!


2. Relax on Placencia’s Sandspit Peninsula

Placencia is a charm during these months, with perfect weather before the rainy season peaks. The peninsula is known for its 16-mile stretch of sandy beaches and a laid-back vibe that lets you unwind under the Caribbean sun. Take a leisurely stroll along the sidewalk that meanders along the beach, through artisan crafts, enjoy the local cuisine, or just relax on the beach in this quaint Creole (Kriol) fishing village. Placencia’s Lobsterfest in June is a highlight, celebrating the start of the lobster season with delicious food, live music, and festivities.


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About Umaya Resort Placencia

Indulge in the luxury of 430 feet of private beachfront at Umaya Resort Placencia. Here, you can relax under the sun on soft golden sands or enjoy the cool, crystal-clear waters. With amenities like Fyah Bar & Grill and a spacious swimming pool, relaxation is just steps away. For dining, Restaurante Laguna offers a selection of Belizean village-inspired dishes against the stunning backdrop of the Placencia lagoon and the Maya mountains.


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Our favorite things:

  • Have a romantic dinner by the lagoon or a private lunch by the ocean
  • Get a massage at In Lak'ech Spa
  • Enjoy a nice cocktail at Fyah Beach Bar - bring your swimsuit and spf!
  • Dinner by the lagoon at laguna Restaurant (ceviche and the whole fish are delicious!)
  • The beautiful sandy beaches if Placencia
  • Sunrise by the beach and sunset by the lagoon


3. Discover the Culture at Hopkins Beach

Hopkins, a small village on the coast, is renowned for its rich Garifuna culture. During these months, the village has a vibrant sound with drumming and cultural festivities. Travelers experience Garifuna music and dance, try traditional foods, and even participate in drumming lessons. The beach itself is serene and beautiful, perfect for a relaxing day by the sea or wandering the craft stores along the main street. In June, Hopkins comes alive with the vibrant Mango Fest, a colorful celebration featuring the luscious, locally grown mangos in a festival of taste, music, and culture!


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About The Colonial Inn

The Colonial Inn at Jaguar Reef Resort boasts an inviting beachfront setting perfect for cultural immersion and sea adventures. Guests have access to the adjoining Lodge at Jaguar Reef's full amenities, including a beachfront restaurant, sun lounges, kayaks, and the Paddle House Restaurant, an award-winning spot for open-air fine dining with panoramic Caribbean views. Don't miss out on the Big Dock Ceviche Bar for delicious ceviche, tropical cocktails, and unforgettable sunsets.


images of young people at the beach of hopkins, outdoor pool, bikes aroudn hopkins


Our favorite things:

  • The Big Dock ceviche bar- it's incredible! The best way to spend your afternoon
  • The beautiful sandy beaches of Hopkins
  • A massage by the ocean by Butterflies Spa
  • Ridinga bike to explore town

Trip Overview: Jungle & Beach Explorer

The Jungle & Beach Explorer includes a three-night all-inclusive stay at Bocawina Rainforest Resort with all meals and activities provided. Guests continue their adventure with a three-night stay at their choice of resorts: Umaya Resort in Placencia or The Colonial Inn at Jaguar Reef Resort in Hopkins.

Island Expeditions Jungle & Beach Placencia and Hopkins trip promises a perfect mix of thrilling adventures, peaceful beach relaxation, and rich cultural encounters. 

Book your journey today to create unforgettable memories in the exquisite landscapes of Belize.

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