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Delta Sky Magazine - Mara Vorhees. 'Unplugged in Paradise'

Unplugged in Paradise

We're excited to share this article which appeared in the September 2015 issue of Delta Sky, the inflight magazine for Delta Airlines.  Lonely Planet travel writer Mara Vorhees went on our Lighthouse Getaway trip last April with her five year old twin boys and writes about her adventure.   



"...For months, I had been telling folks back home that we were going to an “island resort” in Belize. So when my family arrived at Half Moon Caye, I was surprised to discover that we would be sleeping in tents. Heavy-duty tents, with wooden floors and beds. But still . . . tents. We would also be showering outdoors, using composting toilets and reading by kerosene lantern. Needless to say, we would not be checking our email or posting to Facebook. We were off the grid. Way off..." Read the full article: