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Brand New Brochure – Belize Vacations & Yucatan Vacations

Every few years we produce( in house) a new Belize Adventure Guide. It's a labour of love and invariably takes twice as long to produce as estimated.  The process always seems to reconnect us with why we do "what we do" .  Reviewing thousands of  images, reading over hundreds of comments from our guests and revisiting all that is great, good and needs work with our trips leads me back to the people, the land and our guests and how lucky we are to be a part of such a community In this Adventure Guide we have been fortunate to include some great images from our guests and would like to thank Stuart Wagstaff, Brian Wyndham and Bernard Feder in particular  for allowing us to use some of their great images. All of our images are real, taken by real people, on real trips  and we're proud of that. It reflects who we are and what we do probably more than anything else. When you see our new brochure - you'll notice another big change, it's  now the Belize and Yucatan Adventure Guide, we've expanded our range and adventure travel the Yucatan Peninsula has become part of our territory. We're excited , and yes we are starting off small as undoubtedly  our new Yucatan is a work in progress and we are very much looking forward to welcoming those who have travelled with us before as our first guests  on our new trip in Mexico. See you in Belize and the Yucatan! Tim Boys Expedition Director