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The Belize Zoo, Jaguars and Island Expeditions


For many years, Island Expeditions has committed to supporting and generating funds for the Belize Zoo's conservation and education efforts throughout the country of Belize. In 2001, Island Expeditions built and donated 10 Forest Cabanas at the Zoo's Tropical Education Center, fondly known as the TEC. The Education Center now has comfortable, eco-friendly lodging, a fantastic interpretive center, and is a great introduction to the tropical birds and rainforest animals native to Belize . Funds generated by the Forest Cabanas at the TEC directly support the Belize zoo and its wildlife conservation programs in Belize.

Each year we bring high school and college groups to Belize for unique educational trips; during their stay at the Tropical Education Center and Belize Zoo, students immerse themselves in everything to do with tropical ecology and wildlife. Many of our most popular Belize adventures also include a night or two at the TEC. The TEC is an ideal place to start any trip in Belize.

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This Problem Jaguar Rehabilitation program is one of the Belize Zoo's main conservation efforts. The Zoo rescues jaguars that would otherwise be killed for preying on local livestock. These big cats unfortunately can't be returned to the wild, but the team at the zoo is dedicated to retraining them for a new life overseas. The rescued jaguars are placed into American zoos where they help generate awareness and support for wild cat conservation and habitat protection. Pat, one of the original jaguars in the program, now resides at the Milwaukee Zoo with his two new baby cubs. See Jaguar Cub blog post.

We believe that tourism can work hand-in-hand with conservation and Island Expeditions is always looking for interesting programs to enhance your trip experience. This season we've added an insider's tour of the Zoo's Problem Jaguar Rehabilitation Program to our Glover's Reef & Mayan Caves itinerary. This is the only program of its kind in the world. A senior Zookeeper leads you on an up close encounter with these large cats and shares his insights on the world of the jaguar!


Belize Jaguars in the Wild