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Belize Vacation Guide - Gettting Around During a Belize Vacation

There are several ways to get around Belize, during a Belize Vacation, but here are some of the most popular.  Boat Of course, some of Belize's most popular attractions include its gorgeous Caribbean coastline, picturesque islands and the barrier reef.  Accordingly, it's not surprising that boats provide one of the main modes of transportation utilized by visitors to the country.  Water taxis make regularly scheduled trips between Belize City, Caye Caulker and San Pedro (Ambergris Caye).  There are also daily charters between Porto Barrios, Guatemala and Punta Gorda, as well as Chetemal, Mexico to San Pedro (Ambergris Caye), Belize.  Water taxis and local charter services are easy to find along the country's coastline, but contact because it is largely small companies and independent boat captains, let us know what you need, and we would be happy to assist in your vacation plans. Car Rental When it comes to getting around the country of Belize, there are a variety of transportation options available.  With a well-planned highway and road system, all of Belize's mainland cities, towns and popular attractions can be reached by car or bus.  For vacationers who wish to experience self-guided travel on their own timeline, renting a car is a good option.  A variety of rental agencies are based in Belize City as well as at Belize International Airport, which is just outside of the city.  Car rentals are also available at the larger tourist destinations such as San Ignacio and Placencia. Taxi Taxis also provide a convenient way to get from place to place within Belize, especially when traveling shorter distances.  Taxi companies operate out of all cities, and larger towns, and their vehicles are easy to identify with their green license plates.  Taxi rates in Belize are very inexpensive and should be negotiated with the driver before getting into the vehicle.  In most cases it is a fixed fare within city limits.  While most taxi cabs are independent contractors there are several taxi services available in Belize City, the dominant companies are Cinderella Taxi and Caribbean Taxi.  Also, there are several companies that belong to the Airport Taxi Union, and are the only vehicles licensed to pickup and drop-off passengers from the Belize International Airport. Bus Buses also provide another excellent travel option within Belize.  Used by nearly all of the country's residents, Belize buses are inexpensive and reliable.  As vacationers will often be traveling with locals, bus trips can provide unique cultural experiences.  Buses can be caught at bus terminals but can also be flagged down on the roadside just about anywhere in Belize.  Major centers and destinations will typically have bus service to and from the area several times each day.  Bus service to the country's more remote villages and locations, however, may only be available once or twice each day.  There currently are not any reliable online resources for bus schedules, but once you are in the country, it is useful to ask some of the locals.  Depending upon length and destination, bus trips within Belize will typically cost between $2.50 USD and $11 USD.  Air For faster travel and for covering greater distances, a popular mode of transportation for Belize vacationers is air travel.  While highly time efficient, traveling by air also provides visitors with a breathtaking viewpoint from which to take in the country's beautiful scenery from the Maya Mountains to the Belize Barrier Reef.  Local airlines include Maya Island Air and Tropic Air, which offer regularly scheduled trips to many parts the country.  Presently, there are regularly scheduled flights to and from the Belize International Airport, Belize City Municipal Airport, San Pedro (on Ambergris Caye), Caye Caulker, Corozal, Placencia, Punta Gorda and other destinations.  There are also relatively new regional services to other points in Central America.  You can now fly into Cancun (Mexico), San Pedro Sula (Honduras), Guatemala City (Guatemala), and Flores (Guatemala) from Belize City.  Contact our office for further details. With so many beautiful and interesting sites, cities, landscapes and seascapes, Belize is a great place to explore and experience.  No matter which type of transportation method, or combination of methods, vacationers choose to utilize during their visit to Belize, they will have the chance to enjoy many memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.