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Belize Vacation Guide - Getting into Belize for a Vacation

Documents and Visas When traveling to Belize for a vacation, all visitors must present a valid passport before they will be permitted to enter the country.  It's important to be aware that driver's licenses and birth certificates are not approved travel documents and therefore will not meet the documentary requirements when trying to enter Belize.  Passports must be valid until the time of departure and for at least three months from the date of arrival.  While citizens of some countries such as Japan and Switzerland will require a visa to enter Belize, citizens of Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and many other countries do not require a visa.  The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belize (http://www.mfa.gov.bz/lp.asp?ctNode=34&CtUnit=34&BaseDSD=7&mp=26) includes a complete list of countries requiring visas for entry into Belize. Entering Belize by Airplane flying into belize for a belize vacationThe easiest and most popular way to get to Belize is by flying into the Belize International Airport (Airport Code BZE) from a number of points in the US or other points in Central America.  The most popular way to enter into Belize is to fly with one of the five Major US Airlines American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, and US Airways.  Travelers can catch flights to Belize from Miami (American Airlines), Houston (Continental Airlines), Dallas Fort-Worth (American Airlines), Charlotte (US Airways) and Atlanta (Delta Airlines).  Alternatively, Groupo TACA has daily service into Belize International from both San Salvador and Houston. New regional service has recently started between Cancun and Belize City with Maya Regional Airways.  There are also flights to Guatemala City and San Pedro Sula in Honduras.  Also, there is daily service from Belize City to Flores in Guatemala with Tropic Airways. Entering Belize by Car, Bus, or Boat While most travelers find that flying into Belize is the easiest and most convenient way to reach the Central American country, it's also possible to enter the country by boat or by road.  Comfortable and relatively inexpensive express bus travel is available from Cancun, Mexico to Chetumal, a Mexican border town.  From Chetumal travelers can connect with regularly scheduled buses which travel to Belize City with stops along the way.  For those who wish to drive into Belize on their own, a temporary importation permit must be obtained at the point of entry from either Guatemala or Mexico.  Documents required to obtain such a permit include identification and travel documents, vehicle registration and proof of insurance.  A sturdy vehicle and protective insurance are also highly recommended. You may also enter Belize by boat.  In the north, there are daily scheduled boat runs from Chetemal and Xcalak to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye.  There are also regularly scheduled water taxis which run between southern Belize's Punta Gorda and eastern Guatemala's Puerto Barrios.  When arriving by water, travelers must report their entry to immigration officials or police as soon as possible after their arrival. Traveling within Belize Once visitors have arrived in Belize there are several options available for traveling within the country.  Domestic flights and buses provide fast and safe transportation between cities while offering travelers the chance to see parts of Belize that they might otherwise miss.  Vehicles are also available from several rental agencies.  No matter how vacationers choose to get around while traveling to and within Belize, there are many stunning and memorable places to see and experience in this beautiful country.