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Belize Book Launch: Biodiversity of the Maya Mountains - A Focus on the Bladen Nature Reserve

We wanted to share the launch of a new book, which was announced in the January 2013 e-newsletter of BFREE, the Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education.    Biodiversity of the Maya Mountains - a Focus on the Bladen Nature Reserve by Daniel C. Dourson is a look into the remarkable biodiversity found in the Maya Mountains of southern Belize.  We've always been amazed by how pristine the rainforest is throughout many of the watersheds in Southern Belize, and thought you might enjoy hearing about this book.

Here is an excerpt from the BFREE Newsletter...
Congratulations to Published Author, Dan Dourson!

Bladen Nature Reserve Bladen Nature Reserve

I am thrilled to announce that the much anticipated book, Biodiversity of the Maya Mountains: a Focus on the Bladen Nature Reserve by Daniel C. Dourson, is in print and available for purchase on the BFREE website! With significant contributions and reviews from many of the most dedicated and productive scientists and biologists who have worked in the Bladen, and with support and assistance from his loving wife Judy, Dan has produced a volume that will serve as the textbook for Belizean schools and as an important reference for Belize’s wildlife and natural environments for years to come.

Inspired by his passion for the natural world and the diversity and uniqueness of its inhabitants, this skillfully crafted book is the result of countless hours of hiking day and night in the rainforests of Belize. Armed only with his trusted Sony Cybershot and a bright headlamp, Dan has drawn on his inquisitive nature, exceptional observational skills and love for all creatures great and small to capture the photographs and compile the information contained in this amazing work.

Whether you are a professional scientist, government official, educator, student, conservation worker or nature lover, this beautiful and informative resource will serve as your window to the tremendous array of creatures, plants and natural environments found in Belize, and the broader region.

We at BFREE are humbled and inspired by Dan’s unique ability not only to encourage others to look more closely at and appreciate the world around them, but also to take part in the effort to preserve magical places like the Bladen Nature Reserve and the Maya Mountains of Belize. Dan has truly accomplished a work that is one of a kind and will have a long lasting impact. I invite you to purchase a copy for yourself or as a gift to a local school or institution that would appreciate this resource.

In Conservation, Jacob Marlin
Executive Director, BFREE

Books are available for purchase through the BFREE website.  Books cost $40 each, plus $8 shipping and handling. Shipping and handling can be quoted for bulk orders to one address – email hbarrett@bfreebz.org for more info.