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Belize Audubon Society - Celebrating 50 Years

Belize Audubon Society - Celebrating 50 Years

Belize Audubon Society - Celebrating 50 Years

Half Moon Caye Belize

As Belize’s oldest and largest conservation NGO, the Belize Audubon Society (BAS) proudly protects more than 180,000 acres across Belize. BAS is recognized as one of Belize’s foremost environmental organizations protecting Belize’s natural resources.

Founded in 1969, BAS is a nationally recognized conservation leader and development partner that continues to work through stakeholders and strategic partnerships through programs of Protected Areas Management, Environmental Education, Biodiversity Research & Monitoring, Community Outreach & Development, and Membership.

Each year BAS welcomes more than 52,000 visitors to its seven co-managed protected areas. These seven areas are:

We wanted to share this video as the Belize Audubon Society celebrates its 50th year.

Find out more about the celebrations of #BASat50 throughout 2019 and how you can support the BAS at www.belizeaudubon.org

Island Expeditions and the Belize Audubon Society

Our Lighthouse Reef Basecamp is located on Half Moon Caye, a protected island managed by the BAS. We generate over $100,000 a year for the operations and maintenance of the Half Moon Caye National Monument. Island Expeditions is committed to responsible tourism, conservation, local education and is proud to support the Belize Audubon Society.

A 1-year Membership to the Belize Audubon Society is included for all our guests visiting our Lighthouse Reef Basecamp on Half Moon Caye.

Visit Half Moon Caye on Lighthouse Reef, Belize

Join us at our Lighthouse Reef Basecamp located on Half Moon Caye and experience snorkeling, sea kayaking and paddleboarding adventure.

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