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5 Highlights of the Ultimate Adventure Trip, Belize

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Why did we call it the Ultimate Adventure Trip? Because this trip really does encompass the best of Belize, in an 10-day epic journey.  You will be immersed into Belize’s rich coral reefs and turquoise waters, discover the ancient and modern Mayan culture, camp in the remote rainforest, and paddle the exhilarating Moho River.  You can read the full trip itinerary here, but we just wanted to give you 5 trip highlights that our past guests have said they enjoyed so much.

1. Staying at the Tropical Education Centre and Visiting the Belize Zoo at Night

Night one is spent staying in the beautiful forest cabanas at the Tropical Education Centre.  You will be surrounded by tropical pine savannahs and have time to learn about the habitat through a network of trails and raised wildlife viewing platforms. Part of this trip is an exclusive nocturnal tour of the Belize Zoo with one of the senior zookeepers.  You get a behind the scenes view of the zoo.  The Belize Zoo is actually a refuge for orphaned or rescued native animals. This nocturnal visit is a great way to see many of the elusive mammals of the rainforest, and experience the diverse ecology of Belize.
Tropical Education Centre

2. Visiting the ATM Cave

You will not find any cash machines in these caves.   But you will discover and learn about the Mayan underworld (Xibalba) and how they used sacrifice in times of strife and war.  Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM cave) has many examples of these offerings, from food, pottery, and even human sacrifice.  The guides will tell incredible stories about this mythical realm inhabited by spirits and powerful gods.  Discover an underworld of untold fears and dreams where Mayan shaman, in supposition to the gods, ventured into darkness to conduct their secretive rituals.  This renowned cave also contains four skeletons, many ceramic vessels, and stoneware left by the Maya.
ATM Caves

3. Paddling & Snorkeling the Southern Barrier Reef

This trip includes visiting the beautiful Tobacco Caye Paradise Cabins and also our Basecamp at Glover’s Reef.  You will have ample time to paddle the turquoise waters and explore the reef by snorkel.  With over 600 patch reefs, Glover’s is known as one of Belize’s best snorkeling destinations.  Or take time to relax in the hammocks and enjoy an island feast of mixed grilled fresh seafood and vegetables topped with Belizean coconut baking and tropical fruits. 
Glovers Reef

4. Paddling the Moho River

Unplug from the outside world and become a part of the mist-shrouded rainforest as you paddle the travertine drops of the mighty Moho River. Explore the dynamic nature of the river from calm meandering water to spectacular waterfalls.  You will be camping along one of Belize’s most beautiful rivers in the pristine rainforest with amazing Mayan Guides that will take you deep into the rainforest.
Moho River

5. Visiting Mayan Villages

Unique to this trip is stopping in for lunch at the traditional Kekchi Maya village of Santa Theresa and the Mayan Mennonite village of Jordan.  You will find that the Maya are a vibrant and thriving culture in Belize today.  Each week, we visit with a different family in the village.  Stopping at these two villages for lunch offers wonderful insight into how the Mayan people currently live, and have evolved and adapted to the modern world.
Maya Ladies