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3 Essential Paddling Techniques for your Belize Kayaking Adventure


We wanted to share three kayaking instructional videos that will help you prepare for any paddling adventure. We begin all our Belize sea kayaking and river kayaking trips with expert and personalized instruction covering the fundamentals of kayaking to get you started or to refine your existing skills.

1. The Wet Exit

A fundamental kayaking skill is being able to safely exit a kayak while it is upside down. This is known as a wet-exit. This video shows you how to safely and effectively wet-exit your kayak while it is upside down. 

2. How To Get the Most From Your Forward Stroke

Learning how to paddle a kayak forward is easy. It also essential to learn proper paddling techniques so you can kayak faster, more efficiently and with less strain on your body.  This video shows how good posture and correct torso rotation can help you paddling further and in more comfort. 

3. Bracing

Learning how to brace is an essential skill used to recover when you have been thrown off balance, or used in anticipation of potentially losing balance.  This video demonstrates how to correctly use the low and high brace stroke.