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2017 Coral Islands SUP Trip with Norm Hann Expeditions: In Photographs


Norm Hann is currently in Belize as guest instructor and trip coordinator on our Coral Islands SUP trip.  Norm has been documenting the trip on Instagram , so we thought we would share some of the amazing images in our latest blog post.

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Check out the photographs below and we hope you enjoy this recollection of the recent Coral Islands SUP Trip with Norm Hann Expeditions:

1. Welcome to our Coral Islands SUP Trip with Norm Hann Expeditions:

Welcome to our Coral Islands Sup trip with @islandexpeditions Join us virtually for the week to see the sights, sounds and people of this amazing trip. #normhannexpeditions @travelbelize @explorebelize @blackfish_paddles @supthemag @supconnect @chadsfault

A photo posted by Norm Hann (@normhann) on Jan 29, 2017 at 11:02am PST


2. The 
first afternoon is spent working on skills and building technique:

Our first afternoon here is spent working on skills and building that solid forward touring stroke. Edmonton native @chadsfault doing some after hour video work. Our goal is to build everyone's technique throughout the week making them more powerful and efficient for Belize and for their home waters. @islandexpeditions @blackfish_paddles @xcelcanada @explorebelize @travelbelize @emmajeanhess @jimjanis @norrislove

A photo posted by Norm Hann (@normhann) on Jan 29, 2017 at 6:10pm PST

3. Visiting the Smithsonian Research Station on Carrie Bow Caye:

With the north wind up we headed to the Smithsonian Research Station on Carrie Bow Caye. This is an incredible place, caretaker and interpreter Sandy says it's "one of the most beautiful places in the world." You could hear her passion for the place as she shared stories of hatching turtles, close encounters with Whale sharks and the numerous species discovered by visiting scientists that had never been documented before. Our paddling area is located in the South Water Caye Marine Reserve and is also a Unesco World Heritage Site. A visit to this unique place of conservation and education is a highlight for sure. If anyone has been to the Great Bear Rainforest with me it's like visiting Hermann and Janey at Cetacea Lab. @islandexpeditions @blackfish_paddles @sheltahats @xcelcanada #normhannexpeditions #coralislandssup #iebelize @norrislove @chadsfault @emmajeanhess @jimjanis #protectyourcoastline

A photo posted by Norm Hann (@normhann) on Jan 30, 2017 at 6:53pm PST

4. Exploring the mangroves of Twin Caye:

When the wind is up here in Belize you do one of three things, downwind, Explore the protected mangrove islands or drink ice cold Belikin. Yesterday afternoon we chose the Mangoves of Twin Caye. The Red Mangrove ecosystem is critical to the health of the marine environment. They provide a place for thousands of species to rear before heading out To the reefs, they provide water filtration and they also provide essential stabilization of shorelines around the cayes. In a way they are very similar to the importance of our coastal estuaries in BC. @islandexpeditions @blackfish_paddles @xcelcanada @sheltahats #sheltayahead @explorebelize @travelbelize #normhannexpeditions #coralislandsup @emmajeanhess @jimjanis @norrislove @chadsfault

A photo posted by Norm Hann (@normhann) on Jan 31, 2017 at 7:17am PST

5. Using the motorboat support to explore more of the Southwater Caye Marine Reserve

Our trips are boat supported which really aids all aspects of our adventure. Great for intro paddleboarders, downwind shuttles and taking us to protected mangrove cayes when the wind is up. Jr and his son Aaron blasting us out to our sup destination. @islandexpeditions @kokatatusa @nikkirekmansales @sheltahats @xcelcanada @explorebelize @blackfishpaddles #normhannexpeditions #coralislandssup @emmajeanhess @norrislove @chadsfault

A photo posted by Norm Hann (@normhann) on Feb 1, 2017 at 7:14am PST

6. A morning snorkel with guide Budge

Meet our @islandexpeditions guide Budge. He is a Garifuna, from Dangriga, he comes from a long line of proud BeliZean fisherman and he was taught the craft by his father. A lifetime spent diving for conch and lobster, this waterman shares his vast knowledge with our group on this mornings snorkel. If you ever meet Budge ask him about the time he speared a 300+ lb Goliath Grouper on a free dive. #coralislandssup #normhannexpeditions

A photo posted by Norm Hann (@normhann) on Feb 1, 2017 at 5:13pm PST

7. Exploring the reef at Tobacco Caye

One of my favorite paddles of the week is our tour along the second largest barrier reef in the world, the 180 mile long Meso American reef. Sun was out, wind blew us south and it was hot. @jimjanis , Barbara and crew enjoying the best of our Coral Island Sup trip with Tobacco Caye in the background. @islandexpeditions @sheltahats @kokatatusa @nikkirekmansales @emmajeanhess @norrislove @blackfishpaddles @xcelcanada #normhannexpeditions #coralislandssup @explorebelize

A photo posted by Norm Hann (@normhann) on Feb 2, 2017 at 9:56am PST

If you go:

The Coral Islands SUP trip in Belize, is a unique partnership recently formed with Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) expert Norm Hann Expeditions.  This is a premier paddling adventure as this trip is the only multi-day, lodge to lodge SUP adventure in Belize. The trip was also named Best SUP Odyssey in Outside Magazine’s Best of Travel in 2015.  Trip departures dates for 2017 are March 11, April 1 and December 25. Contact us for more details and to book your spot!