Why First Impressions Are so Important on a Belize Vacation, Or Any Vacation for that matter...


First Impressions in Belize

A first impression is like the single beat of a drum: it hangs in the air a moment, hollow with the promise of what is still to come. All that follows is not enough to erase or alter the lingering boom of that first impression. A trip abroad is full of first impressions: of the people you will be travelling with, of the people whose lives and comfort you have entrusted on this new voyage, of the strange new places you will discover.

More Updated Belize Flight Information & A Couple of Search Secrets...


Continental Flights to Belize

American Flights to Belize

We have also seen significant price drops from many major US points of departure, as well.  Although, the price drops are not quite as dramatic as what we've found out of Canada, there are some significant savings to be had.

Flight Prices from Canada to Belize, are at the lowest level we've seen... EVER!


Wow! We're excited! We’ve found historic low prices from most major  Canadian Cities to Phillip Goldson International Airport, Belize. In many cases prices have dropped to half of where they were in previous years.  Great news for those that have been considering an adventure holiday in Belize. We're not sure how long these extraordinary low fares will last so better to act now than wait.

The Chocolate Farmer - in Belize


The following video is of rural cocao farming life in Southern Belize.  This is for all the chocolate lovers out there.  Hope that you enjoy it. http://on.fb.me/mJmOOq

Island Expeditions Co. Offers Family Vacations To Belize during the 2011 – 2012 Holiday Season


Island Expeditions Co. has been offering a wide variety of family friendly vacations to Belize for all ages for the past 25 years.   Island Expeditions offers an exciting array of trips that explore this culturally diverse country, situated along the Caribbean coastline of Central America.  From the lush interior rainforests to the white coral sand beaches of Lighthouse Reef Atoll and Glover’s Reef Atoll, IEC offers a wide variety of family friendly multi-sport adventures. All family planners know that each family member has their own idea of what a vacation means to them.  It is for that reason that during the holiday travel season, Island Expeditions’ adventure Basecamps on Glover’s Reef and Lighthouse Reef has been so popular with families.