5 Best Places for a Family Friendly Adventure Vacation to Belize

Family Adventure Trip Belize
Are you considering a family adventure vacation to Belize?  Here are our top five Belize trips and locations for families looking for a unique adventure vacation.   To help you plan, we have five great trip suggestions based on the ages of the children, your interests and how adventurous your family is.  

1. Basecamp Trips – Glover’s Reef & River of Caves and Lighthouse Reef Adventure

5 Ways to Boost Your Health and Wellness on Your Adventure Trip to Belize

health and wellness Belize adventure trip
It is the start of 2016 and many of us set goals to stay healthy, fit and well for the New Year. Our trips allow you to experience a back to nature approach to fitness, health and wellness amongst the surrounding natural beauty of Belize.  Here are five easy ways to incorporate your health and wellness goals into your Belize adventure trip.

Jankunu and Charikanari - Celebrating the Holidays in Dangriga, Belize

Jankunu and Charikanari Festival Dangriga Belize
During the Christmas and New Year holidays the local Garifuna community of Dangriga, Belize takes to the streets to enjoy the Jankunu and Charikanari dancers.  The celebrations, dancing and drumming at this time of the year is one of those undiscovered secrets of Belize.  

Video Slideshow of the Ultimate Adventure Trip, Belize

We wanted to share this video slideshow composition of the Ultimate Adventure Trip.  The video was compiled by guests Cleo Fogel, Tera Lovell, Sarah Selden and Blair Elliott (thank you!).  They embarked on the Ultimate Adventure trip in February 2015. This video captures the essence of their journey beautifully and will give you a great insight into the Ultimate Adventure trip.

5 Highlights of the Ultimate Adventure Trip, Belize

Moho River Belize
Why did we call it the Ultimate Adventure Trip? Because this trip really does encompass the best of Belize, in an 10-day epic journey.  You will be immersed into Belize’s rich coral reefs and turquoise waters, discover the ancient and modern Mayan culture, camp in the remote rainforest, and paddle the exhilarating Moho River.