Belize Flight Information

To give you a better sense of the flight costs from your city of origin to Belize City, Belize (airport code BZE), we have included a list with a range of approximate flight prices.

Please keep in mind that the prices below depend greatly on seat availability, the days of the week, and the time of year that you fly.
There are five US carriers and three other airlines that fly into Belize.
NEW!  Direct nonstop flights to Belize
As of October 15, 2015, Southwest Airlines is now offering nonstop flights to Belize from Houston's Hobby Airport's newly opened International Terminal.  Not only is there a new nonstop service from Houston (Hobby) to Belize, but you can also take advantage of connecting service through Houston from Chicago (Midway), Dallas (Love Field), Denver, Los Angeles (LAX), New Orleans, Oakland, San Antonio and San Diego.  Do a search for fares for your holiday on Southwest Airlines website - they have been offering amazing 'Wanna Get Away' fares for travel to Belize on select dates.  

Our blog post Updated Non-Stop Flights to Belize provides comprehensive flight information for the 2015 /2016 Season in Belize.

Luggage Policies  
Each Airline has specific baggage requirements for flying internationally. Here are links to each of the airline's websites and their respective luggage policies: United Airlines , American Airlines, Southwest AirlinesDelta Airlines , Avianca Airlines
CITY - (Airport Code) Approx. Range
(Incl. Tax)
Atlanta, GA (ATL) $680 - $750 US
Boston, MA (BOS) $730 - $780 US
Calgary, AB (YYC) $615 - $975 CN
Chicago, IL - All airports (CHI) $700 - $850 US
Denver, CO - International (DEN) $760 - $970 US
Detroit, MI - All airports (DTW) $680 - $840 US
Durham/Raleigh, NC (RDU) $700 - $860 US
Grand Rapids, MI (GRR) $720 - $890 US
Greensboro, NC (GSO) $700 - $890 US
Hartford, CT (BDL) $700 - $945 US
Houston, TX - Intercontinental (IAH) $750 - $910 US
Indianapolis, IN (IND) $715 - $840 US
Los Angeles, CA (LAX) $600 - $870 US
Madison, WI (MSN) $715 - $950 US
Manchester, NH (MHT) $710 - $970 US
Miami, FL - International (MIA) $575 - $640 US
Missoula, MT (MSO) $730 - $999 US
Montreal, QC - Dorval (YUL) $635 - $900 CN
New York, NY - All airports (NYC) $700 - $910 US
Oklahoma City, OK (OKC) $715 - $950 US
Ottawa, ON - International (YOW) $670 - $920 CN
Philadelphia, PA - International (PHL) $730 - $900 US
Phoenix, AZ (PHX) $730 - $935 US
Pittsburgh, PA (PIT) $700 - $840 US
Portland, OR (PDX) $715 - $915 US
Providence, RI (PVD) $710 - $950 US
Raleigh/Durham, NC (RDU) $705 - $950 US
San Francisco, CA (SFO) $700 - $935 US
Seattle, WA - Seattle/Tacoma International (SEA) $715 - $915 US
Toronto, ON - International (YYZ) $645 - $915 CN
Tucson, AZ (TUS) $715 - $975 US
Vancouver, BC - International (YVR) $595 - $950 CN
Washington DC - All airports (WAS) $680 - $825 US

Find the Cheapest Flight to Belize in 4 Easy Steps!

Blink these days and you could miss a great fare. With travel booking technology constantly shifting and airlines posting ever-changing fares to trump the competition, you have to move fast. Here are four easy steps to booking a decent airfare to Belize:

Step 1
Call our Island Expeditions' reservations office at 1-800-667-1630 or email us at  to check trips and availability and to confirm your travel dates. Often being flexible within one to two days on the outbound and returning flight is a good way to find the best possible prices. Also, consider arriving a day before the scheduled 'Day 0' during months where weather can delay flights. This is often a good idea if you live in an area that is prone to weather delays in the winter. If you require assistance please contact our office.

Step 2
The internet has become an increasingly powerful place to find the best prices for airfare. For years our office was able to find flights cheaper than any available online, but these days seemed to have passed. Generally you are able to find the best prices by searching a few places on the internet before purchasing your ticket.

Flight Research Tool: We recommend checking out Google’s flight research tool to search for fares.  Once you find a flight that works, you can hit 'book it', and it opens directly on the airline website with the flights pre-selected in their system.  

Airline Website Directly:
More and more, we are finding that searching the airline websites directly will give you the best possible fare. They tend to not release these seats into inventory at popular travel times such as Christmas and Spring Break, instead, opting to book their clients directly. Below are links to all of the major airlines that fly directly into Belize City (airport code BZE). You can often earn extra frequent-flier miles by booking directly with the carrier and you will avoid service fees that may be added at time of payment with online travel agents.
Step 3
Call the Island Expeditions office to reconfirm dates and flight schedules. We also recommend you purchase flight cancellation insurance. Almost all flights purchased these days are considered non-changeable /non-cancellable so please consider coverage.