The Vancouver Sun - Mara Vorhees. “Adventure Twins in Belize - Mom and boys find fun in Caribbean paradise.”

Lighthouse Reef Adventure Basecamp Belize
We wanted to share this great article by travel writer Mara Vorhees that featured in the Saturday January 23rd edition of The Vancouver Sun.

Preparing for your Paddling Adventure in Belize. ‘Yoga for Paddling: Shoulder Care’ - Anna Levesque

Yoga for Paddling: Shoulder Care - Belize
We wanted to share this blog by Anna Levesque, a former member of the Canadian Freestyle Whitewater Kayak Team and Bronze medalist.  Anna shares some yoga poses, props and techniques that will help you maintain shoulder health.

SUP Paddle Techniques for your Belize Adventure

Paddling Skills Session on the Coral Islands SUP Trip
Are you new to Stand Up Paddleboarding or just looking for some to tips to refine your skills? We wanted to share these great videos that will help you prepare for Stand Up Paddleboarding - whether you are gearing up for a SUP adventure in Belize or paddling in your local area.
How to Paddle Straight
Here are four useful techniques to keep your board running straight.  Check out the video below for the full demonstration.

5 Best Places for a Family Friendly Adventure Vacation to Belize

Family Adventure Trip Belize
Are you considering a family adventure vacation to Belize?  Here are our top five Belize trips and locations for families looking for a unique adventure vacation.   To help you plan, we have five great trip suggestions based on the ages of the children, your interests and how adventurous your family is.  

1. Basecamp Trips – Glover’s Reef & River of Caves and Lighthouse Reef Adventure