Supporting Communities in Belize – Santa Teresa

Kayaking the Moho River
We learned a long time ago that when we hire a guide from a small village, we are hiring a family and supporting a community. We have grown deep roots during our 30 years in Belize and our commitment to the community has inspired us to create support programs.

Santa Teresa Program

Jacques Cousteau and the Great Blue Hole at Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize

Snorkeling the Great Blue Hole, Belize
One of the highlights for guests staying at our Lighthouse Reef Basecamp on Half Moon Caye is snorkeling and kayaking around the rim of the legendary Blue Hole.  The Great Blue Hole was made famous by French ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau. He brought his renowned research ship, the Calypso, to investigate the depths of the sinkhole in 1972.

Lonely - Mara Vorhees. 'Discovering the Great Blue Hole', Belize

Blue Hole Snorkel Belize
We are delighted to share this article by Lonely Planet travel writer Mara Vorhees on "Discovering the Blue Hole".   Posted on, this article gives a fascinating insight into what it is like to snorkel and dive the world famous Blue Hole in Belize.

Projects at Belize's Glover’s Reef Research Station

Glovers Reef Research Station
Glover’s Reef lies at the heart of the largest coral reef system in the Western Hemisphere and is a critical nursery and feeding ground for sea turtles, sharks, rays, and fish for Belize, and the rest of the Caribbean.  The Glover’s Reef Atoll also has the greatest range of coral reef types in the Caribbean Sea.  

Visiting the Carrie Bow Cay Field Station, Belize

Carrie Bow Cay Field Station in Belize
An essential part of our Paradise Islands  and Coral Islands SUP trips is visiting a marine research station in the area and to show our guests some of the important conservation work that is carried out.