Belize Book Launch: Biodiversity of the Maya Mountains - A Focus on the Bladen Nature Reserve


We wanted to share the launch of a new book, which was announced in the January 2013 e-newsletter of BFREE, the Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education.    Biodiversity of the Maya Mountains - a Focus on the Bladen Nature Reserve by Daniel C. Dourson is a look into the remarkable biodiversity found in the Maya Mountains of southern Belize.

Guides Corner: Maya World Extension - Day Trip to Lamanai


Lamanai Temple Lamanai Temple

Maya World Extension - Day Trip to Lamanai
By Jack Wilde

The New River drifts lazily north, a few miles west of Crooked Tree on its way to Corozal Bay. We board a boat just outside Orange Walk Town, and head upriver towards the ancient Mayan site known as Lamanai.

Belize Yoga-By-The-Sea



Meet Leslie Young

Leslie Young, yoga instructor Leslie Young, yoga instructor


Stand Up Paddleboarding Listed as a Top Fitness Trend for Outdoor Adventurers



Stand up paddleboarding made the grade as one of the top emerging fitness trends for outdoor adventurers.  It's a growing sport, a great core workout, and a fun and fascinating way to explore warm, tropical seas on your next vacation.

Introducing our Guides Corner...


We've just created a 'Guides Corner' on our blog - a place where we'll share thoughts, stories and findings from the field, and an opportunity for you to know your guides a little bit better.

Our leaders love to share their stories, and take great pride in making your travel experiences as enjoyable as possible.   With backgrounds as biologists and teachers, photographers, fishermen and explorers, our trip leaders and guides bring unique perspectives and invaluable insights into the areas and cultures where we travel.