Belize Book Launch: Biodiversity of the Maya Mountains - A Focus on the Bladen Nature Reserve


We wanted to share the launch of a new book, which was announced in the January 2013 e-newsletter of BFREE, the Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education.    Biodiversity of the Maya Mountains - a Focus on the Bladen Nature Reserve by Daniel C. Dourson is a look into the remarkable biodiversity found in the Maya Mountains of southern Belize.

Guides Corner: Maya World Extension - Day Trip to Lamanai


Lamanai Temple Lamanai Temple

Maya World Extension - Day Trip to Lamanai
By Jack Wilde

The New River drifts lazily north, a few miles west of Crooked Tree on its way to Corozal Bay. We board a boat just outside Orange Walk Town, and head upriver towards the ancient Mayan site known as Lamanai.

Belize Yoga-By-The-Sea



Meet Leslie Young

Leslie Young, yoga instructor Leslie Young, yoga instructor