Basecamp Yoga in Belize!

Yoga By The Sea - Awaken your mind, body, and spirit in Belize through the gentle practice of yoga in stunning natural surroundings. 
Ten years ago we introduced yoga practice and instruction to a few select basecamp departures. After just a few sessions, with a magnificent backdrop of the sun rising over the Caribbean, we were wondering why it took us so long to join the two! Our guests, most of whom had never tried yoga, told us how much they enjoyed the daily practice. Not only is yoga a perfect form of exercise to loosen up before or after our day of active adventures, it also brings relaxation, balance, and mindfulness to ease away the complexities and stresses of our busy lives. Join us at Glovers Reef or Lighthouse Atoll as we bring yoga to the sea with certified yoga instructors on select departures during our season. Please call or email for details. Another great reason to travel with Island Expeditions!

2016/17 Yoga Instructor Profiles

Leslie Young  
Leslie Young has over 30 years of experience with various styles of yoga, including teaching in the Whistler, B.C. area since 1991. Now based on Savary Island, she divides her time between the ocean and the mountains, balancing fluidity and stability in life and yoga. Certified in both Iyengar and Vijnana Yoga, Leslie's teaching is rooted in alignment, precision, flow and deep connection to breath. Whether beginner or experienced, you will enjoy a variety of practices combining meditative awareness, pranayama (breathing) and both gentle and dynamic asana (postures) to balance the body, calm the mind and expand the spirit. She has been training teachers and inspiring students for many years, having taught in Mexico, Belize and British Columbia. An avid traveller, adventurer and lover of ocean play, she is very happy to be returning for her 6th year with Island Expeditions.
Lighthouse Getaway  - Jan 18 & 28
Lighthouse Reef Adventure  - Jan 17, 21, 27
Maya Reef Explorer  - Jan 15 & 27
Double Atoll Adventure  - Jan 14
Leslie Young
Jodi dodd 
Jodi started doing yoga regularly in 2007 and fell in love with the practice. She is passionate about sharing this practice and its benefits with as many people as possible. Jodi has always had a love for the outdoors and her soul thrives on being out in nature and near the water. She has been teaching SUP Yoga classes in the Whistler area since 2013, and she has spent time teaching yoga on the remote shores of Nicaragua and other retreat settings; awakening the senses and facilitating breath connection and awareness in beautiful surroundings. Jodi is an ERYT-500 with the Yoga Alliance, and has been teaching various styles of yoga for over seven years. Her classes are playful, therapeutic, and grounding. Her intention is to guide students towards more space in the body, deeper connections, greater self-awareness, health, empowerment, and well-being.
Glover's Reef & River of Caves - Jan 29
Glover's Reef Adventure - Jan 24
Jodi Dodd
Jill Dorosz is an experienced yoga teacher, 500 RYT, influenced by the ParaYoga, Anusara, and Lyengar styles of Hatha yoga; a certified Tai Chi/Qigong instructor; and an energy healer through Reiki, External Chi Healing, and Reflexology. Her professional allied health experience informs her teaching and practices.  Jill is an expert at distilling the essential aspects of yoga into a program suitable for persons of all ages and physical abilities. All her classes include relaxation, pranayama (breath work), and meditation. As an avid kayaker, stand-up paddler, and master swimmer, she is also experienced in integrating yoga practice in these water sports.
We are honored to welcome Jill back for her third year with us!
Lighthouse Getaway  - Feb 1, 11, & 15
Lighthouse Reef Adventure  - Jan 31, Feb 4, 10 & 14
Maya Reef Explorer  - Jan 29, Feb 10 & 12  
Double Atoll Adventure  - Jan 28 & Feb 11
Sam Thompson  
Sam is a certified RYT200 yoga teacher, who incorporates Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga styles of Yoga into an awakening and strengthening practice. Having grown up a surfer and keen sportsman, Sam has explored yoga through much of South East Asia. His second home (aside from Australia) and the perfect location for his two loves of surfing and yoga, has been the Island of Bali, Indonesia. Having found Yoga, after meeting his wife five years ago, it has become an integral part of his being, lending him to a future where Sam feels he can contribute to societies' overall well-being, by guiding them through a versatile practice. The aim of his teaching style is to facilitate a practice that everyone can enjoy.
Lighthouse Getaway  - Mar 1 
Lighthouse Reef Adventure  - Feb 18 & 28 
Maya Reef Explorer  - Feb 26 
Double Atoll Adventure  - Feb 25
Sam Thompson
Emily Thompson  
Emily is a certified RYT500 yoga teacher, who has done months of training in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Meditation in the Himalayan Mountain ranges of India. Her practice seeks to strengthen and energize, release and relax, and balance and heal the entire body. She has taught Yoga in five different countries and is grateful for the bliss and understanding of self that Yoga brings to her life every single day. Emily has traveled to nearly fifty different countries and sees the world as her playground. As an avid reader, teacher, adventurer, traveler, and lover of life, she simply can’t wait to share her love of Yoga on the beautiful islands of Belize.
Glover's Reef & River of Caves  - Feb 26 
Glover's Reef Adventure - Feb 21
Emily Thompson
Many years ago a lower back injury fueled a desire to pursue a deeper understanding of healthy body movement.  With the birth of twin boys to follow, it became apparent peace of mind was also sorely missed.  After five years of practicing as a student of yoga I became a humble teacher in 2005.   Having a life-long commitment to further education in this ever rich practice, I am constantly delighted and in awe of all Yoga has to offer. I have three years experience teaching SUP Yoga for adults of all levels, as well as children.  The element of water in nature is a graceful way to deepen your connection with rooting, expanding, and breathing.  SUP is a wonderful way to lose your inhibitions and not take yourself too seriously...have fun!   As a returning instructor to Belize, I am excited to share the gift of yoga in a new and amazing location with my fellow travellers.
I am thrilled to be returning to Belize with Island Expeditions for my third year! Yoga came into my life 20 years ago when I first moved to Pemberton, BC. My teaching and my personal practice are both grounded in alignment and breath connection. I have had magical experiences connecting with the breath to find mindful movement both on and off my mat. My focus would be to bring an awareness to the power of the breath and how it can guide us through our lives. Whether in meditation, pranayama, asana practice, daily chores, or challenging situations our breath is the key to connecting us to ourselves, the present moment, others and the world around us. Please join me to share a dynamic, compassionate practice where we can change our relationship to gravity, cultivate curiousit, explore and breathe together.

Our Previous Season ( 2015/16)  Yoga Instructors

Jolene McGill
l like to think that yoga found me at an important cross roads in my life. Through the practice I have awakened and reconnected to my spirit. I feel yoga has the power to deeply heal and transform us. It enables us to step into our power and reminds us of our truth and divinity within. I believe there is a divine light that exists within all of us and yoga allows us to honor and see this. I hope to ignite this spark within each and every student who attends my class. Once we truly begin to see the healing that may come about from this practice we begin to open and transform our own being. I strongly feel the world is a reflection of our collective consciousness, so as we begin to transform our body, mind and spirit through the art and practice of yoga, we in turn begin to transform the world we live in. In my class we will honour ourselves and the Earth through pranayama, meditation and mindful flow. 
Amber Rodgers
Amber teaches yoga from her heart and believes anyone, regardless of age, experience or physical ability can benefit from the amazing transformation that comes with regular practice. Since 1991, her own yoga path has been a place of immense healing and inner peace, guiding her to become a certified yoga instructor in 2005. Amber strives to create a safe, comfortable space where you can let go of your everyday stress to balance body, mind and heart. Through breath, meditation and posture work Amber will take you on a journey to self discovery, helping you re-connect with your true inner self to bring back balance into your daily life.
Coming to Belize to be part of yoga on the reef brings together three of my favorite things: travel, sunny weather, and yoga.  I love practicing and learning about yoga, not only for the physical benfits of strength and flexibility, but also for the way it heals and transforms all parts of one's Self.  I travel regularly to study and practice yoga, and consider myself a complete 'yoga geek'.  My main influences have been Anusara, Kripalu, and Bihar.  A teacher at heart, I was naturally drawn to becoming a yoga teacher and am so grateful to own, manage, and teach at MokSana Yoga Center in beautiful Victoria, BC.  I am passionate about alignment because it keeps the physical body safe for a lifetime of practice, and I am also passionate about the more subtle practices that work with the energy of the body.  Although I am very serious about yoga, my classes are not!  I like to have fun and keep things light to balance out the underlying seriousness I feel about practicing the art of yoga.  I think teaching is about sharing - I look forward to learning your interests and needs and finding something in my own practice to share with you!
Dawn Jex
Dawn is a yogi, traveler, reader, puddle jumper, rainbow dancer and adventure seeker who loves to share yoga with others in the studio, on the top of a mountain, on a beach, in the jungle and most recently on a stand up paddle (sup) board. Her love for adventure and fun is contagious and she encourages you to try new things and play. Dawn found yoga in 2009 and completed her 200 Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through the Yoga Alliance in 2012. She has been teaching ever since and loves the give and take of the classroom. She teaches everything from a basic standing yoga for seniors to a more powerful vinyasa flow meant to make you sweat. But no matter what type of class she is teaching Dawn feels that the connection between teacher and students is the most important part of practice. Join Dawn on one of our excursions and learn how yoga can be a perfect complement to travel, sun, sand and adventure!
Hannah dyson  
Yoga is a beautiful unfolding process that I feel honored to share. I am continually humbled by its daily teachings, forever grateful for the teachers before me and for those I have been lucky to meet on my path so far. I am a lover of travel, nature and freedom in movement. I hope to ignite the same passion for life I have found - together we will share some playful fun and enter melting moments of deep relaxation. We will use the tools of breathing, movement, meditation and sound to provide strength, restoration and revitalized energy. I am incredibly excited to be teaching you with Island Expeditions in the tropical bliss of Belize. Together we will draw on the inspiration of this magical location and leave feeling utterly blissful. 
Maya developed a love for movement and expression at an early age.  Training in dance with so many inspiring teachers naturally led her to the path of yoga. 
She is a 200 hour Hatha certified instructor who leads a playful yet grounded class. 
Over the years, Maya has realized the incredible impact yoga can have on people's lives and well-being.  She's honored to be able to introduce and share elements of yoga to those ready to discover the inherent health benefits of the practice. 
Her approach to yoga is one of a holistic nature.  She believes a dedicated practice consists of breathing, asana (postures), expression, nutrition, compassion, and meditation. 
She is thrilled to be going to Belize to teach by the ocean with such magnificent surroundings. 
Since 1992 I have practiced yoga in Belize on the islands and atolls. Recently I’ve been teaching yoga out on Lighthouse Reef Atoll and love the inspiring peace and beauty of the clear blue waters, white sand beaches, and swaying palm trees. 
I practice classical Ashtanga and Hatha yoga incorporating asana (yoga postures) with pranayama (breathing practices). The tradition of yoga unites the body, breath, and mind, and is the perfect way to relax, stretch, and unwind before or after a day of kayaking, swimming, and snorkelling. 
There is nothing quite like doing your sun salutations far offshore on a picture perfect island before a pristine sea or closing your eyes in relaxation (savasana) while the frigate birds circle overhead. Hope to see you there!   Om 
We are pleased to welcome Krista back for her third season of instructing with Island Expeditions.
After years of practicing, my love for yoga finally ran deep enough to inspire me to become an instructor. Certified in Hatha yoga, I like my classes to inspire spirituality in all forms. I intend for my students to leave with a calm mind and strong body and a sense of connection between the two. I like to focus on breathing to alleviate stress and anxiety which are inevitable in our daily lives. Yoga and meditation hearten happiness in my life and I enjoy sharing that love and inspiring others.

Our Previous Season (2013/14) Yoga Instructors

We are pleased to welcome Karen back for her second season of instructing with Island Expeditions.
Karen has been fortunate enough to be able to share yoga with a diversity of groups in her community. She believes yoga is therapeutic and is meant to heal us and bring us to our own experience of personal wisdom and joy. Her expertise lies in sharing yoga with people who have health challenges – everything from hip and knee replacements, kidney and heart stents, multiple sclerosis, brain injury, recovering from chemotherapy and radiation – whatever it may be.
Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology comes from extensive study and her clinical practice as a registered massage therapist.  Karen blends together myofascial release therapy, craniosacral therapy, acupressure, and a myriad of techniques for massage purposes and will be available for treatment.
In her yoga classes, breath is always first. Karen's intention is that you will feel lighter on your feet, more relaxed and connected at the end of the session. This inward expedition of yoga will allow you to open to the outgoing expedition that the reef will provide.
Feel free to make yoga a part of your day while enjoying the beauty and abundance that nature offers you in beautiful Belize!
We are pleased to welcome April back for her second season of instructing with Island Expeditions.
I believe that movement of the body, in any form, is important for everyone. Yoga provides physical, mental, and emotional benefits. It helps slow the aging process, it keeps the body active, strong and limber, and the mind sharp and calm. It brings us to the ‘here and now’ and helps us be more in tune with our bodies. In our busy lives, this is a continuing practice. When we give ourselves this time to practice yoga we radiate positivity, calm strength and inspiration to everyone we come in contact with. The philosophy of yoga encompasses all these aspects and so much more.
I completed my Hatha teacher training in 2009 at Prana Yoga College in Vancouver, B.C. Since then I have enjoyed sharing these benefits with people from all walks of life, and all skill levels. I truly believe yoga can be a positive force in anyone’s life.
The divine spirit in me bows down to the divine spirit in you.
With Cheryl’s intuitive passion and focus for well being, she started her yogic journey in 1992, when she moved to Vancouver BC to pursue a more holistic lifestyle. At the same time she became a professional actor and singer. With the internal balance, dedication, and focus she acquired with her martial arts training, her transition to yoga was a natural progression that led to her incorporating yoga into her daily life.
After years of study, healing past injuries, and much gratitude for yoga, Cheryl fully realized her ambitions to become a certified yoga instructor. She went to India and received her Yoga Alliance certification at the Anand Prakash Ashram in Rishikesh, India in an intensive 200-hour yoga-training program that specializes in Hatha and Prenatal. She then later obtained her 80hr Hot yoga certificate from Yyoga.
After a year of teaching at Total Fitness Marital Arts, her current dojo for karate, she decided to spread her love of yoga to different studios. Yatra Yoga embraces the true energy she emanates and was the perfect fit for her style of teaching and spiritual journey. By embracing movement and growth at every level in her life, she is a living demonstration of forward motion. Her infectious energy is from the place of compassion, and gratitude.
For Cheryl, life is about healing, and sharing the gift of yoga. Join Cheryl in this ceaseless journey. 
Peace, Love and Honesty 
~Namaste ~
susanne mueller
Over the years I have traveled and worked in various countries. I love the adventure, sense of freedom, and life-learnings each one offered.  I was introduced to yoga during a visit to Costa Rica.  The freedom and space I experienced there encouraged me to extend that trip for a year.  I did yoga every day.  I learned from books and imitated the images I saw, but it was the significant change I felt through practicing yoga, breathing, and meditation that kept me so dedicated to my new found practice.  It opened doors for a way of living that I had forgotten about or didn't realize was possible.
I grew up in a family of seven on a farm in Ontario.  There was time to play, time to work, time to be alone, time to be outside, time to be with family and time to just be.  I now realize how important it is to integrate some of these qualities in our everyday lives.
Eventually I landed in Vancouver and haven't looked back.  I try to live my life with a balance between spending time in nature and staying dedicated to both teaching and practicing.
I look forward to our sunrise yoga sessions together out on Glover's Atoll! 
We are pleased to welcome Rebecca back for her second season of instructing with Island Expeditions.
Yoga is what it is all about for Rebecca. Join Rebecca in yoga practice to find your center, calm yourself, and get ready to be at your very best in Belize! 
Rebecca holds the highest possible level of certification offered by the Yoga Alliance: E-RYT500. This means she has completed advanced teacher certification programs totaling over 500 hours and has taught over 5000 hours of yoga.
While Rebecca teaches all skill levels of yoga, she is especially reknown for being able to work with many people who want to learn about yoga but are not quite sure if yoga will work for them. Rebecca has helped those who suffer with bad backs, anxiety, MS, ALs, arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer, pregnancy, injury, food issues, high blood pressure, and depression. In fact, in the beginning of her yoga teaching career, Rebecca focused on gentle yoga. Later, she became a dedicated student of Anusara Yoga, studying with John Friend and other senior Anusara teachers. This led her to explore the more muscular side of yoga and to integrate the strengthening qualities of yoga practice with the soft and more flexible aspect of yoga.
We are pleased to welcome Jessica back for her second season of instructing with Island Expeditions.
Ocean lover and yogi, what better place can there be than Lighthouse Reef to celebrate two of her deepest passions?
Teaching since 2008, Jessica endlessly finds herself falling in love with yoga.  It continues to be an incredible practice of self-dicovery and acceptance for her, both as a student and a teacher.
Jessica believes that yoga is for everybody.  Whether you are a seasoned yogi or new to yoga, you will be safely guided to meet your edge while remaining calm and centered.  She leads a strong yet gentle class that is firmly rooted in breath while maintaining an element of playfulness.  For Jessica, yoga is a practice of honoring yourself, developing a sensitivity and awareness that allows you to enjoy every moment as sacred.  By moving your body in union with your breath, you are returning to your natural connection to all of life.
Keen snorkeller, kayaker, and scuba diver, Jessica loves the water and marvels at the absolute wonder of life in and around the sea.  She sees it as an incredible opportunity to spend time in such a magical place.  Jessica feels so grateful to explore Belize and is look forward to sharing all of this with you!
We are pleased to welcome Andi back for her sixth season as part of the Island Expeditions' team!
Andi brings a practice emphasizing mindful conscious breathing, yoga traditions, alignment, and integration of energy flow into the physical postures.  Incorportating Vinyasa and Ashtanga inspired  based sequences, with attention to alignment and body mechanics, her classes gently bring you in to your practice and emphasize being present throughout. She is great at bringing newcomers into yoga, offering a kind, welcoming practice.  
Andi has been a part of our team for 5 years now, as a trip leader for our Glovers and Lighthouse trips.  As part of that, she has been leading stretching and yoga sessions the past 3 years, tailoring the sessions to the individuals participating.  She joins us from Honduras where she started a community yoga program there. While of course yoga has helped with physical flexibility, strength, and balance, it is the magical part of it all that keeps me connected to it - the strengthening and balancing of our mind and spirit, and opening of our heart, which allows for amazing positive energy to flow through and really allow ourselves to be present. 
All of Andi’s classes include time to take in the surroundings; hearing the waves and the rustle of the palm trees, looking up into the blue sky above and watching the frigates soar above us, and really connecting with the morning as the day starts to unfold.  
Ainsley Magno
We are pleased to welcome Ainsley back for her third season of instructing with Island Expeditions.
Ainsley is passionate about living a life full of love, harmony and abundance. Yoga is her access to living vibrantly!
If you are committed to living a healthy life, and are open to expanding your beliefs and your heart, this instructor is for you. Ainsley’s classes are more than learning why we do a pose and how to do them safely and properly. She shares yoga and eastern philosophies related to awakening the Greatness that lies within you and how to attract more of what you love in your life. You will leave more calm, grounded and inspired to live more radiantly!
Ainsley received her instructor certification near New Dehli, India. She is the founder of and Cofounder of LifeHouse Retreats.
For Tisha, yoga is a way of life.  In order to keep healthy in every aspect of our lives, we must move energy through it.  Yoga is a beautiful way to practice this as it integrates and unifies the body, mind, and spirit.  What a wonderful way to do so, practicing in spectacular nature, enjoying the sea, sky, and sun in Belize!
Tishas's style of teaching is fluid yet dynamic, focusing on proper alignment and structure.  Students will feel a release of stored negative and stagnant energy, coming out feeling refreshed and revitalized.  Her mission is to inspire happiness, a healthy lifestyle, and bring a sense of peace and joy to her students. 
She has been an enthusiastic practitioner for over 12 years and completed her 200hr Hatha Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India. She has also completed advanced teacher training certification in Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative Yoga in Vancouver, BC.