30 Years Island Expeditions
        30th Year Anniversary Prize Winners               

Celebrate 30 Years at Island Expeditions

The Winners...

30% Discount Winners:
      • Jan 20th Winner: Larry Mathews ". ..Thanks For The Discount!!! My wife and I are very excited for our upcoming adventure to Epic Belize.  We started to search for a new adventure destination and discovered what looks like a top shelf tour with Island Expeditions.  We called Brendan during Hockey Night in Canada one Saturday night, and he was awesome.  He gave the details of the trip, and we were immediately sold.  We have called back several times to be sure we were buying and packing the right equipment.  The folks in BC were always friendly, accommodating and gave us good advice.  Since our trip starts on Super Bowl Sunday, Brendan did promise to post us some scores and highlights.  We are looking forward to a new adventure and excitement on the rivers, bays, mountains and jungle. Bon Voyage!..."
      • Jan 27th Winner: Robert Levin "... I thought I lived in paradise until I went on a trip with Island Expeditions to Belize and experienced both the Crooked Tree wetlands and the Lighthouse Atoll and Half Moon Caye.  It was truly a real paradise not only for the wildlife, warm sun, sand and surf, but the people of Belize.  The attitude, lifestyle, warm and inviting nature of the Belizean people had a great effect on me.  I can't wait to return and learn a bit more Kriol!  Island Expeditions knows well how to do Belize and is very well organized, staffed professionally and centered on safety with fun.. ."
      • Feb 3rd Winner: Vicki Copeland "...  What a nice surprise to be a winner!   And Happy 30th Year Anniversary!  We are so excited to go on our Lighthouse Reef Getaway.  Several years ago, we went on the Ultimate Adventure Trip and had a marvelous time.  Island Expeditions is AWESOME!  Thanks!!..."
      • Feb 10th Winner: Julia Dyck "...I am delighted winning the discount. Half Moon Caye is truly a paradise. I had a wonderful time snorkeling off the island, kayaking and kayak sailing.  The staff are professional, well organized and take the time to teach you skills needed for the activities. This is my second adventure with Island Expeditions and I can’t wait to book for next year..."
      • Feb 17th Winner: John Winkley "...We are very excited to be a winners! Originally this spring, a family group of four was headed to Cuba for an obstacle course race. The organization we used was terribly unorganized from the beginning, and the whole process was frustrating, we never were able to speak with someone, and ultimately it was cancelled. (fortunately for us). With every shut door, there was one opening up...We still wanted to go somewhere tropical, and thought of Island Expeditions. This will be our second trip, and I called IE and within a few minutes we had a great plan for. When you call IE, you get to speak to a familiar voice. The IE staff is easy to work with and they make the planning easy and effortless. We went to Glovers Reef for our first trip, and look forward to going to Lighthouse Reef next month. Thanks IE for this experience, It's always been a pleasure working with you!.."
      • Feb 24th Winner: Lori Greenwood  "..."Thank you Island Expeditions. My trip to Half Moon Caye in January was truly amazing! I will never forget the aquarium and the night snorkel-WOW! The staff were fantastic, our reef guide Bryan really impressed me, he knows so much about the creatures that live there and knows exactly where to lead you, we were in the water a minute and saw our first nurse shark. I wasn't sure what to expect with the food in such a remote location but Bol, the chef, really took care of us, I was amazed at what came out of that little cookhouse, and was always too full to need any of the snacks I had brought along.  It was a pleasure spending time with those guys, you too Chris & James- "the camp guys band". What a great group of people to be marooned with..."
      • Mar 3rd Winner: Tracy Bell "... Being chosen as a winner was such a great surprise!  Snorkeling is my favorite vacation treat, and Island Expeditions never disappoints. Half Moon Caye is my all-time favorite destination and I cannot wait for my trip at the end of the month.  It's amazing to lay in your tent as the sun rises and watch the frigates and boobies as they hunt for their breakfast. The snorkeling at the aquarium is so amazing -- unbelievable coral formations and so many species of fish life.  Being able to "unplug" for a week and enjoy new friends is just one of the many good things about Island Expeditions trips.."
      • Mar 10th Winner: Elizabeth Barter
      • Mar 17th Winner:  Eliah Werner   "...Winning when you did't even expect it. Great idea from island expeditions and super excited about the first trip with the team!.."
      • Mar 24th Winner:  Anne Powers "...Still basking in the glow of an amazing time in Belize and then … an IE discount win!  As a solo traveler, I joined the Glover's Getaway expedition.  The work thing severely hampers my travels but I was so thrilled to kayak and snorkel even if it was just three days. I was planning my next trip with IE even before I got home.  All the staff were amazing … I was particularly touched that the Dangriga folks knew where I was staying and called the hotel to make sure I was on my way. The guides are friendly, fun, knowledgeable and safety-conscious. Miss Cynthia and Miss Annette cook the best Belizean food!  IE is about connecting with each other in this great, big beautiful world of ours. Thanks IE!..."
      • Mar 31st Winner: Donna Maxwell
      • Apr 7th Winner: Peter Speth
      • Apr 14th Winner:  Elka Walsh 
      • April 21st Winner: Rochelle Sneddon
      • April 28th Winner: Nicola Allison  "...What an amazing experience!  The staff members  were all fantastic, the snorkeling superb, the food outstanding and the kayaking great!  Our only complaint.... we didn't book for long enough!  We would have loved to spend more time with this conscience, devoted and respectful team.  The accommodations were fun and we felt (at 73 and 74 years of age) like we were at summer camp again!  Thanks for a wonderful adventure. 
      • Nicky and John Allison!.."
Weekly Gear Package Giveaway Winners
      • Jan 20th Winner:  Lisa Bennett
      • Jan 27th Winner: Joan Commerford
      • Feb 3rd Winner: Anne Wyllie 
      • Feb 10th Winner: Rosemary Karcher "..Your sweet news was just in time for Valentine's Day!  Lou and I are excitedly looking forward to our return to Lighthouse Reef next month!  When we retired last year and drafted our "bucket list," returning to Belize for snorkeling with you was at the top (and middle, and bottom!)  The Island Expeditions staff, both before and during our trip, makes this adventure easy and magical!  Please thank everyone for us!.
      • Feb 17th Winner: Joan Scruton
      • Mar 3rd Winner:  Rob Sawatsky
      • Mar 10th Winner:  Florence Masson
      • Mar 17th Winner: Anne Marie Dyckman
      • Mar 24th Winner: Mike Bagshaw 
      • Mar 31st Winner: Cindy Herweyer
      • Apr 7th Winner: Michael Limbouris
      • Apr 14th Winner: JoAnne MacNeil
      • April 21st Winner: Jenni Gallo
      • April 28th Winner: Peter Lanza
Win Free Lunch Winners: 
      • Jan 20th Winner:  Sandra Laye "...Thanks so much for the news that I won a promotional lunch as part of the Island Expeditions 30th anniversary celebrations.  Wow -  very exciting! And I love the Keg.  I am SUPER excited to be going on my very first Island Expeditions trip in a little over a month - Glover's Reef and Rainforest Canopy here I come!  My snorkeling, paddling and trekking gear is already out and ready to go.  Thanks again!.."
      • Jan 27th Winner: Kelly Wharton "...Great trips, great experiences and now a free lunch-IE is the best! ..."
      • Feb 3rd Winner: Ron Albinson " ...Hey, thanks for the free lunch. Just got back from Belize and Glover’s Reef Adventure Trip. The Island Expeditions crew in Dangriga and Glover’s Reef were so helpful and professional. We really enjoyed ourselves..."
      • Feb 10th Winner: Mary McCullough " ...This is my fourth year of travelling with Island Expeditions and you can't find a better trip anywhere.   We have done the Lighthouse Reef trip twice before and the Ultimate Adventure trip once and have chosen the Lighthouse Reef again this year. It's paradise.  So beautiful, so much fun.   Everyone is so nice, it's super well organized and a real adventure.  It's so hard to leave every time so we keep coming back!  Happy Anniversary!..."
      • Feb 17th Winner: Christopher Lewis
      • Feb 24th Winner: Claire Madill   "...Whoa! Really? I love lunch!  and I'll tell anyone who will listen:  the Island Expeditions trip to Half Moon Caye was *the* best trip I've ever been on..."
      • Mar 3rd  Winner: Rodney Lowell 
      • Mar 10th Winner: Kate Thompson
      • Mar 17th Winner:  John Bonin
      • Mar 24th Winner:  Beth Gillespie
      • Mar 31st Winner:  Roseanna Ross
      • Apr 7th Winner:  Ann Gillen  "...Happy Anniversary Island Expeditions! Thanks for a free lunch, although any lunch near home is bound to pale a bit in comparison to lunch prepared and served on the cayes..."
      • Apr 14th Winner: Ann Paisley
      • April 21st Winner: Dale Pack
      • April 28th Winner: Del Blondin "... Thanks for the lovely gift of lunch on Island Expeditions. I have gone on Glovers Reef trip and now the Lighthouse Trip. Both were amazing and I wouldn't hesitate to return yet again. I highly recommend Island Expeditions to anyone I can. Thank you so much for yet another trip of a lifetime!..."
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