Outside Online - Stephanie Pearson. Lionfish Hunting Tour - Belize

At Island Expeditions' camp on Half Moon Caye, you can fish for your own lionfish dinner.    Photo: Duarte Dellarole

Five Flight Tips for Travel to Belize

We wanted to share a few strategies we use (and often recommend to guests) on getting the best flight to Belize!

As a rule of thumb, airlines have a ‘moving window’ four to six months out that they use to manage flight inventory.  Sale prices and lower fares may open and close throughout this time period based on supply and demand. Interestingly, if you proactively try to book your flight a year in advance, you may find that rates are really high and sale fares do not yet exist.

New Double Atoll Adventure in Belize

Last year we invited past guests to join us in Belize for a special departure that visited Lighthouse and Glovers Reef.  The feedback we got was amazing, and the idea was born to develop a ‘double atoll adventure’.  People loved being able to snorkel, sea kayak and explore these two remote reef systems in the same week!


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