Sponges Help Coral Reefs Thrive In Ocean Deserts


Here is a fascinating article about how sponges keep the coral reefs alive - allowing them to thrive in 'ocean deserts'.

Sponges help coral reefs thrive in ocean desert
By James Morgan
Science reporter, BBC News

The mystery of how coral reefs thrive in "ocean deserts" has been solved, scientists say.

Outside Magazine - Paradise Islands Belize Adventure

Our Paradise Islands lodge-to-loge paddling trip was the recipient of Outside Magazine's Central America Travel Award.  Check out this article for details.

MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2009
2009 Travel Awards
Dollars and sense: Go with Pros

Outside Magazine - Seven Island Getaways with the Perfect Balance of Adventure and Indulgence

Our Lighthouse Reef Adventure was featured in Outside Magazine as one of seven island getaways offering the perfect balance of adventure and indulgence.  Check out this article by Riley Blanton which showcases Half Moon Caye, Lighthouse Reef and the Blue Hole as a premier Dive Getaway.


Vancouver Sun -Sean Horlor. 'The Magic of Belize - Tours are a great way to explore.'

The sun sets over Lighthouse Reef from Western Beach on Half Moon Caye in Belize.Photograph by: Steve Adams/Steamy Window Productions The sun sets over Lighthouse Reef from Western Beach on Half Moon Caye in Belize.
Photograph by: Steve Adams/Steamy Window Productions

Afar Magazine - Editor Jen Murphy. TOLEDO DISTRICT, BELIZE

Check out this article that features our Wild South trip and the Toledo District of Belize - it appeared in the June/July issue of  Afar Magazine.


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