Belizean Guides

Omar Gillett

Omar Gillett has been guiding with Island Expeditions for over 15 years, Omar has gained a reputation as a skilled kayaker and instructor with a thorough knowledge of the cays and reefs that are a part of Island Expeditions' itineraries. Enthusiasm, exuberance and an uncommon skill with cooking fresh seafood are Omar's trademarks, making him a popular guide and a valuable member of the sea kayak guide team.

Greg Sho

Greg, a Mopan Mayan, is recognized as Belize's most knowledgeable rainforest guide. Greg leads scientific expeditions and adventure trips throughout Belize and works with the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center. Greg has also worked with National Geographic, and teaches the jungle training program for British Army Special Forces. Traveling and learning with Greg in the "bush" is an experience of a lifetime.

Alex Sabal

A masterful seaman and fisherman who has been a captain in Belizean and Honduran waters for over two decades, Alex is Island Expeditions and Belize's most respected sea kayak guide. As a leader in the Garifuna community, one of the many diverse cultures that make up Belizean society, Alex brings to his trips a rare and unique perspective of his country and people.

Domasco Ramos

Domasco lives in the seaside Garifuna village of Hopkins and has spent his life on the water. He has an uncommon ability with his hands to create wonderful crafts from shells, and just about any flotsam and jetsam from the sea. His calm demeanor and unhurried pace mixed with a wellspring of knowledge are qualities that many of us strive towards.

Pedro Sho

A Kekchi Mayan from the southern village of Santa Teresa, is intimately familiar with the land, waterways (he is a master whitewater guide) and people of southern Belize. Always ready with a smile, a laugh and a helping hand at just the right time, Pedro is joy to travel with.

James Logan

James has gained legendary status for his unfailing ability to make a trip extra special. Fisherman, boat captain, soccer coach and father are the certifications that make James a truly expeptional leader.

Mike Lesley

Wherever and whenever Mike is leading a trip, people are having a great time, just trying to keep up with all the action. Don't miss out on Mike's fishing trips.

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Behind the Scenes

The dedication, skill and hard work of these individuals help make IEC trips the best of their kind in Belize.

Alex Usher Jr. - Operations Manager

Rio Polacio - Assistant Operations Manager

Wasani Morgan - Logistics Manager

Anastasio Bol - Inland Guide Albert - Driver / Guide

Javier Clotter - Equipment and Maintenance

Juan Carlos - Guide / Driver

Oliver "Bol" Flores - Food Services

Adolpho Pop - Assistant Guide

Phillip Martinez - Food Services

Martha Casamiro - Food Serivces

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