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New Fly Fishing Kayaks added to our Belize Glovers Reef Basecamp

Calling all fly-fishermen & fly-fisherwomen! Brand New Fishing Kayaks, made by Freedom Hawk Kayaks (http://www.freedomhawkkayaks.com/) at our Glovers Reef Basecamp. This is a great new way to stalk the schools of bonefish that surround our basecamp for this catch-and-release fishery in Belize. The uniqe design of these boats allow the fisherman to paddle to where they want to fish, and then release the pontoons of the boat to stabilize the boat as you stand up for casting. This is an exciting addition to our kayak fleet out at the basecamp. Join us on our Glovers Reef & River of Caves, Glovers Getaway, Ultimate Adventure, & Maya Reef Explorer for trips where you can use the boats.... check them out! Here is a great Youtube Video that shows how they work