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Historic Lighthouse on Half Moon Caye National Monument Falls after Tropical Storm Matthew

Reports from Belize are that on September 27th, the historic lighthouse on Half Moon Caye toppled over.   Tropical Storm Matthew left little or no damage in Belize, however some of the stronger than normal winds and increased swell from the storm knocked down the historic lighthouse in Belize.  This lighthouse has stood as a symbol of conservation in Belize, and is often used as a symbol for the Half Moon Caye National Monument, which is the oldest protected area in Central America, and in Belize.  Sad news for Belize, but especially sad news for the nesting pair of Osprey who have taken residence in the top of the structure in recent years. The first lighthouse on Half Moon Caye was built back in 1820, however, little of that lighthouse remains.  The steel tower, above the brick foundation, was built in 1933.  This lighthouse has long been out of commission, but has stood on the island as a monument to the role the island has played to navigators over the years.  A more modern structure now stands just behind the old lighthouse, and currently functions as a navigational beacon.  Here is a link to the Belize Audubon Society's website with includes some further history on the historic lighthouse, as well as another beautiful image.  Oh, and there is also a great picture of one of our Lighthouse Reef groups in kayaks, preparing for a snorkel just off the island! http://www.belizeaudubon.org/protected_areas/lighthouse.html