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Celebrating The Lobster Festivals of Belize

Celebrating The Lobster Festivals of Belize
Lobsterfest is one of the more famous summer events in Belize.  It marks the official start of the  summer season, and more importantly it celebrates the opening of Lobster harvesting season on June 15, annually.  

To many Belizeans, June 15 is not just any other day. The opening day of lobster season is poignant, as the harvesting of this crustacean is the livelihood of many fisherman, as well as restaurant and hotel owners. The Caribbean Spiny Lobster is one of Belize’s most valuable seafood exports and a major contributor to the local economy.

Traditionally, it was the local fishing communities who initiated the Lobster Festivals in Belize. They have now flourished into internationally recognized events, attracting both locals and visitors.  The festivals feature Belizean music, live entertainment, water activities, a variety of contests and of course many different Lobster dishes to be tried.

Lobster Belize

Lobsterfest Across Belize
There are various Lobsterfest events held across the country from the northern cayes to the southern coast.

2016 Lobster Festivals in Belize
Placencia Lobster Fest - June 24, 25, 26
San Pedro Lobster Fest - June 15-26
Caye Caulker Lobster Fest - July 1, 2, 3

The celebrations happened over a long weekend close to the opening date for Lobster season. You can expect to find plenty of outdoor food booths with lobster prepared fresh every way from grilled lobster, to lobster thermidor, lobster ceviche, lobster kebabs and even lobster chowder.

As well as the gastronomic side of the event, you can find street vendors with local products, beauty pageants, lionfish tournaments, Belizean music concerts, all day and night beach parties and street entertainment. 

Visiting Belize during Lobsterfest

Lobsterfest is just one great reason to visit Belize in the later part of June, early July.  Summer is also a time to experience the unique culture of Belize as there are more local events, cultural festivals and you will find local families are out and about enjoying the time when school is out.

Our Jungle & Beach Explorer-Placencia trip is a great choice if you are thinking of visiting Belize during the summer months.  This trip combine a unique rainforest experience at Bocawina Rainforest with some beach time at the one of the featured resorts in Placencia, close to the festivities.

The Caribbean Spiny Lobster Belize