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Peter & Wendy

OMG!! What a fantastic trip and experience! A perfect balance between activities and downtime both at Half Moon Caye and Bird’s Eye View Lodge. The visits to the Mayan sites inland were a nice contrast to the nature-based activities at both locations. We would recommend this trip to anyone who can handle a moderate level of activity and who wants a unique travel experience.

We want to pay special praise to all the staff at Half Moon Caye: our guides Rodney, Brian and Clint; our cooks Bol and Anna (great menu!!); and Desmond and Halgard(sp?). They were all professional and attentive, but more, they were so friendly that it felt like we were saying goodbye to family when we left. The staff at Bird’s Eye View Lodge were also helpful and friendly but the situation there was naturally less intimate than on the Caye.
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Toronto, ON
What were the highlights of the trip?
Just one? Not possible. Actually, the entire Caye part of our trip was a highlight, especially boating out to, and snorkelling, the Blue Hole and Aquarium and seeing the many species of fish. Night snorkelling was also unique.
What would be your advice to potential travelers?
Don't reject this trip for fear that the Caye activities may be too demanding; the guides don't push you and you can go at your own pace or stop if you need to. There's also lots of downtime between activities.
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Lighthouse Reef Basecamp
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