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Beauty of Belize Photo Contest – A Photographer's Perspective

Mayan Girl by Kabbtm/Island Expeditions Beauty of Belize Photo Contest
As we enter the final week of our Beauty of Belize Photo Contest, we asked photographer and videographer Duarte Dellarole to take a look at the entries and pick a few favorites that captured the “Beauty of Belize” from his unique perspective. 
Duarte has worked extensively in Belize, and has compiled a wonderful array of photographs which includes underwater shots, as well as the tropical rainforests and islands of Belize. 
We are still accepting entries into the photo contest until Monday July 18, 2016 and it’s also the last week to cast your votes on the all of the entries.
The grand prize winner will be experiencing our new year-round 6-Night Rainforest & Reef Explorer trip to Belize.  Additional entrants can win an Island Expeditions’ gift card, T-shirt or hat.  We will be announcing winners on July 28, 2016.
Check out Duarte’s picks below.
Mayan Girl 
Photo and caption by Kabbtm/Island Expeditions Beauty of Belize Photo Contest:
 “We stopped in the Mayan Village for lunch and to gear up for trip on the Moho River. What a beautiful little girl!”
The people of Belize have a unique beauty and you will definitely see that when you visit the Mayan villages. I love this photo! – Duarte Dellarole
Sea Turtle
Photo and caption by H.Desrosiers/Island Expeditions Beauty of Belize Photo Contest:
“Turtle at Hol Chan Marine Reserve”
Underwater photography is one of my favorite themes and the excitement one experiences while snorkeling or diving in the beautiful Belizean reefs is something I will always be grateful for! Plus, when you bring your camera to the surface and start going through the photos and realize you just got a killer shot of a sea turtle, there's nothing more exciting than that! – Duarte Dellarole
Tobacco Caye Belize
Photo and caption by Epmtns/Island Expeditions Beauty of Belize Photo Contest:
“Tobacco Caye Sunset”
I remember the sunsets at Tobacco Caye... So beautiful and colourful! – Duarte Dellarole
Kayak sailing Belize
Photo and caption by Samuel.Silton/Island Expeditions Beauty of Belize Photo Contest:
“Sunset During Kayak/Sail”
Sea kayaking between the cayes is such a great way to explore the Belizean waters! Now put a sail on your kayak, let the winds guide you while the sun is setting and you will realize how unique your vacations are! Who gets to do things like this?  – Duarte Dellarole