Join Us on Oct 4 in Vancouver with the Sea Kayak Association of BC

Sea Kayak on Belize’ Remote Atolls
For those of you living close to Vancouver, BC, we would love to invite you to come join us for a presentation at the Vancouver Museum (1100 Chestnut Street - Located at Vanier Park, next to the Planetarium) on Tuesday, October 4 2016 from 7PM to 9:15PM
Directors, Denver and Leif will share their knowledge, passion and perspective on planning tropical paddling trips, in association with The Sea Kayak Association of BC’s (SKABC) monthly meeting.

Celebrating Milestones with a Belize Adventure Vacation

Celebrating Milestones in Belize
Life is full of milestones - and planning a special vacation to Belize is a wonderful way to celebrate!   
Whether you travel with your significant other, or choose to invite family or friends, marking a milestone with a once-in-a lifetime trip will be an experience you will remember for years to come.
For some, the milestone could mean turning 50 or 60 years of age.  For others, it may be a 25th wedding anniversary, a long-awaited marriage and honeymoon, or your child’s graduation from college!  

Holiday Trip Planning - Travel Tips and Ideas for A Belize Adventure Vacation

Family Adventure Vacation Belize
With summer over and the kids back at school, things can get pretty busy.  If you are contemplating a vacation over Thanksgiving, Christmas or even Spring Break, now is the time to start planning!  The tropical rainforests and reefs of Belize can be a wonderful alternative to spending the holidays at home.

Here are 6 travel tips and ideas for a Belize Adventure Vacation for the Holidays.  

5 Must Do Activities to Experience in Belize This Winter

Sea Kayak on Belize’ Remote Atolls
Winter is a great time to travel off the beaten path to some of Belize’s special locations that see fewer visitors.  Stay at a unique Adventure Basecamp on a remote coral atoll. Travel deep into the Mayan Mountains and explore the tropical rainforests.